SKE Equipment

Wort boiling provides both flavor and a good shelf life

SKE Boiling Kettle

SKE boiling kettle is designed with conical head, cylindrical tun and conical bottom, all seams are welded under a gas atmosphere and the inside is properly ground.

The heating efficiency is to cause a minimum of 10% evaporation per hour. Bottom mounted SEW or Nord or Chinese top-quality reducer.

The purpose of wort boiling is to stabilize the wort composition and to extract the desirable compounds from hops that gives beer its characteristic aroma and flavor.

Boiling also removes some of the undesirable volatile compounds which come from the raw materials.

Wort boiling provides both flavor and a good shelf life.

Advantages of SKE Kettle

  • Protect Brewer
  • CO2 purge to reduce compounds react with oxygen.
  • Flexible heating causes sufficient evaporation rate and time saving.
  • The DMS released during boiling is rapidly lost through evaporation.
  • High hop utilization.
  • Protect beer against ageing.
  • No caramelization or burning-on.
  • Energy Saving.
  • Optional design for kettle sour.
  • With an enclosed system, foaming is kept to a minimum. This avoids some of the potential product defects such as loss of foam and haze stability.
  • SKEs boiling kettle mounted anti foam sensor can adjust temperature automatically to avoid foam overflow.

Protect Brewer

Flexible heating

SKEs boiling kettle has two heating methods, one dimple jacket welded on the conical bottom of kettle for preheating the incoming wort, and one internal boiler for a highly efficient turbulent boil.
SKE’s internal boiler is made with 316 stainless steel and is welded to prevent corrosion and leakage.
SKE internal boiler is easy to clean by CIP.

Instruments Mounted

  • Tank light.
  • IFM Anti foam sensor.
  • IFM temperature sensors.
  • IFM level sensor.
  • Burkert automatic valves.