SKE Equipment

SKE Brewhaus Pro is specially designed for brewpub, nanobrewery, small size brewery and pilot brew. It can finish two brews per day smoothly.

SKE Brewhaus Pro

The design philosophy of SKE Brewhaus Pro are

  • Little space using
  • No Installation work for customer
  • Security for brewer, beer and equipment self
  • Easy operation and clean
  • Caustic brew to sterilize system easily
  • Reliable

Parameter of Brewhaus Pro

— Design for infusion mashing

— Material, stainless steel 304

— Size, from 2hl to 15hl

— Brewhouse vessel combination, mash lauter tun and kettle whirlpool tank.

— Heating method, steam, electronic or fire directly

— Mash lauter tun top mounted ABB motor

— Skid design mounted all relative wort pumps, hard piping, valves, instruments, wort cooler and brewhouse control cabinet

— Finish, 2B inside, Ra≤06,#4 external

— Certification, CE or UL/CUL or AS Standard

Mash Lauter Tun

SKE mash lauter tun is designed for infusion mashing, mounted a Pre-Mixing Device on top and raking system inside with top motor. Also it has mixing station which can get brewing water into as required volume and temperature.

SKE MLT is welded construction with top dished head, cylindrical tun with a conical bottom; All welding is done under protection-gas atmosphere.

Raking system is equipped with stainless steel cutting knives, waved and straight.

The raking respective agitating speed can be controlled freely by the installed frequency modulated (VFD) equipped in control box. Manually up & down scraper can remove spent grain automatically.

Stainless steel milled false bottom has more than 18% net open ratio for better filtering efficiency. There are several back flush devices on the bottom of tank which can flush false bottom well.

SKE MLT mounted two sight glass on side to monitor differential pressure (DP) value in grain bed.

There is one emergency button nearby side manway for double security of brewer. Explore our advanced brewing technologies, including SKE Brewhaus Senior, for enhanced brewing capabilities.

Kettle Whirlpool Tank

SKE kettle whirlpool tank is designed with dished head, cylindrical tun and conical bottom, all welding seams welded under a gas atmosphere; inside properly ground. The heating efficiency is designed as 1 Celsius degree rising per minute to cause a minimum of 10% evaporation per hour.

It has anti-foam sensor to automatic heating power to avoid burning brewer.

It has wort cooler to cool wort to required temperature for whirlpool hopping and kettle sour.

The electronic heating elements is covered stainless steel hats to water proof and can be removed easily for deep clean if needed.

SKE boiling kettle mounted anti Over boiling sensor which can adjust heating ability automatically to avoid heat foam overflow from top manway to burn brewer.

Control Cabinet

SKE control cabinet is semi-automatic which is specially designed for small size brewery. The cabinet is welded on brew deck and mounted all international famous brand of elements and instruments, including Omron temperature controllers, Danfoss VFDs, IFM flowmeters, temperature sensors, Schneder DC power, breaker, switches, relay, etc

Function introduction

  • Adjust speed of rake system, lauter pump and whirlpool pump
  • Tank Light control on Panel
  • Temperature of MLT displayed and Auto control
  • Temperature of KWP displayed and Auto control
  • Temperature of HLT displayed and Auto control
  • Wort Temp <Post wort cooler> Display
  • Temperature of mixing station display
  • Brewing water and sparging water volume measure
  • Kettle Tun Anti-Over boiling protection
  • Two emergency stop buttons on brewhouse, one on brewhouse cabinet and another one nearby spent grain door
  • Alarm Buzzer

Brew Skid & Piping System

The work platform is completely manufactured as a welded stainless steel construction, there is one ladders for brewers operation. Skid base frame for convenient moving, SS 304 construction.

The system includes several centrifugal sanitary pumps for mashing and lautering, for kettle and whirlpool.

The system includes stainless steel piping, fitting and manual and automatic valves for product, for hot water, cold water, for steam.

The system includes relative instruments, flowmeters for automation which are all from international famous brand IFM, E+H, Burkert.

The system includes heat exchangers for wort cooling.

The system includes wort aeration device.


— Protect your brewer, your beer and your equipment

— No blind angle design and finish

— Top quality piping, fittings, pumps, valves using for long life using

— Reasonable size and capacity for better quality wort

— International brand instruments for more reliable automation and easy to find spare parts anywhere

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