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Water Tank

Good brewing water for conducting the mash and creating the wort is an essential factor of beer quality. SS Water tank which is used to store water is absolutely necessary for an brewery.Both hot and cold water tanks need to be properly sized so the setup can support your brewing system with the correct amount of water at the right temperature and quantity.

SKE Water Tank

At SKE team, we prefer to size water tanks according to the size of the brewery and the capacity it is operating with. The hot and cold water tanks can be setup with integrated valves so recirculating, heating, and delivering contents is possible with leaving the platform setup. Both hot and cold liquor tanks can be set to automatically maintain the correct temperatures.
An option is to hard-pipe the hot water tank and cold water tanks to the brewery as SS piping provides highly improved cleanliness and efficiency over that of flexi-hoses. By hard-piping your setup, it will reduce the need for you to leave the platform in order to adjust the temperature or add water. unique beer variety was created by this way in among the low hills of the Pajottenland and Zenne valley Belgium. “Lambics”. While their wort sat in the coolship, they wanted it to become a home to the ambient yeast and microflora wafting through the Belgian air. Once full of this wild, unseeable stuff, brewers stuck the beer in barrels for an extended stay—up to three years. This method of fermentation, called “spontaneous fermentation,” produces a beer of singular taste: tart, funky, and unmistakably complex.


Hot water Tanks or HLT are used by advanced home brewers to heat the strike (water first mixed with the grain at the start of mashing) and sparge water (added to mash to extract sugars converted from the grain starch). The name “Hot water Tank” is not a true representation of the HLT function; it never holds anything resembling alcohol or sweet wort. An HLT is actually a hot water tank.

Hot water Tanks have a very simple function as it is the container wherein the brewing water is heated up to a suitable temperature for the mash. If your recipe requires brewing salts, they are added to the source water in the HLT.

Hot water tank is an essential part of a large-scale brewery, although there are several methods for heating water for smaller scale setups. A Hot Water Tank is a separately insulated vessel used for several stages in the brewing process.

When the water for the mash has been heated to the correct temperature, it is decanted into the hot liquor tank. Next, the water in the hot liquor tank is used during the mashing process. Once the water from the kettle is moved to the HLT, it is possible to refill the kettle and begin heating it up for the sparge. The brewer has to wait for the sparge water without an HLT. Hot liquor tanks retain heat and this saves on energy expenditure.

One of the most useful features of an hot water tank is that it allows the brewer to carefully control over the sparging rate. A hot liquor tank is an essential piece of equipment to reach the perfect OG.

OG stands for Original Gravity also known as Original Extract. It’s the measure of the original solid content in the wort. It is used to describe the mix before alcoholic fermentation has begun to turn the wort into beer. Original Gravity is one of the main measurements brewers use to determine what the future alcohol content will be of the resulting beer from the wort brew.

A Hot water tank main use is for supplying hot water for brewing and cleaning. SKE hot water tank comes complete with a top cone head and fabricated to have the body smoothly rounded off in shape and finish. All welding is done under a protection-gas atmosphere with interior and exterior properly ground.
The hot water storage tank can be heated by electricity, gas, and steam for different requirements.
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