SKE Equipment

Package System

Streamline Your Brewery with Our Packaging System

We can provide PED and AS1210 certifications for your custom-ordered fermentation vessel that meets the government requirements in your country anywhere in the world.

Shih Kuang cylindroconical Beer Fermentation Tank with dish top head, cooling dimple jacket, insulation, and cone-shape bottom. The bright beer tank with dish top head, cooling dimple jacket, and dish bottom head. The fermenter and bright beer tank can stack design to save space.

Keg Line

SKE offers a full package line of kegs, including pasteurization, CIP, keg external cleaning, keg cleaning and filling machine, weighting device, automatic conveyor with keg turnover device, and a fully automatic control system.


SKE-KW-Ⅱ is an efficient, easy to use, vertical stainless steel keg washer for nano and microbreweries. It is an automatic operation washer, brewer just need to load the kegs on table, the rest operation will be done by program.

SKE-KW-Ⅲ is a twice station keg washer with fully automatic control system. Energy-saving, high efficiency and wide performance range are key features of it.

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