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SKE fabricates superior stainless steel fermentation vessels and is internationally recognized for its quality. We design all CCVs to ASME standards and provide PED, AS1210 certifications.

This ensures that custom fermentation vessels meet all international and governmental standards.

Fermentation Vessel

  • SKE offers widely used Beer Fermentation Tanks, e.g., “Yorkshire square”  for wild sour, top open fermenter, Cylindroconical tank (CCT) and Outdoor cylindro-conical vessels.
  • The fermenter can be stacked to save space.
  • Stainless Steel CCV comes complete with top-dished head, custom-made round body with a 60-degree conical bottom.
  • All welding is done under protection-gas atmosphere.
  • The interior and exterior finishes are polished, and cooling jackets complete to the highest standard.
  • It essential to control the temperature curve so that it complies with your standard fermentation as set by your local specification.
  • The cooling process is critical to beer quality.
Fermenter Indoor or Outdoor | SKE Equipment

Fermenter Indoor or Outdoor

  • Capacity from 1hl to 300hl (Larger ones will be done on site)
  • Food grade SS 304 construction
  • Top dished head with pressure vacuum relief valve
  • Tank Top Device-Optional
  • Top manway or side manhole
  • Dry Hopping port (In pressure dry hopping device optional)
  • Sanitary CIP rotary spray ball
  • 3” PU foam insulated
  • Cooling dimple jacket on cylinder and cone bottom
  • Side CIP arm assembly with bung valve and pressure gauge
  • Sanitary grade thermowell in the side
  • Sanitary grade sample valve
  • Sanitary grade racking arm in the cone
  • 60 degrees cone bottom design
  • Bottom discharge
  • Four legs adjustable feet, optional for anti-seismic
  • Internal shell: 2B, Ra≤0.6  External Shell #4 polished
  • Available pressure certificates of PED for 2014/68/EU, AS1210 etc
Beer Fermentation Tanks | Ske Equipment
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