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SKE Brewhaus Senior

Crafted specifically for the demands of small to mid-sized breweries, the SKE Senior Brewhaus excels at brewing multiple batches daily. With ease, it churns out 4 to 10 batches per day, showcasing its capability across a range of 15hl to 100hl in size.

SKE Senior Brewhaus

SKE Senior Brewhaus is specially designed for brewing multiple batches per day.This size perfectly meets the needs of small to mid-side breweries.The system can produce 4 to 10 batches per day without stress.The average size of the brewhouse is from 15hl to 100hl.

Why choose SKE Senior Brewhaus

Quality,Flexibility,Stability,Security,Easy to operate, maintain and repair.These concepts are important when designing and fabricating the Senior Brewhaus.Quality is always our first priority, which means our product will last many years.

Flexible Brewhouse Vessel Combinations

The choice of different vessel combinations gives you great flexibility when it comes to your output requirements.Our custom designs can be adjusted to suit your needs.

SKE Senior Brewhaus models

Brewhouse 3V:
Mash mixer, lauter tun, kettle & whirlpool combination
Mash lauter tun, Kettle, whirlpool
Brewhouse 4V: Mash mixer, lauter tun, brew kettle, whirlpool
Brewhouse 5V: Mash cooker, mash tun, lauter tun, brew kettle, whirlpool
Also, we can include a boiling buffering tank to save on brewing time, if needed.

Tanks Finish Standard

Stainless steel 304 or 316L
Sheet 3mm & 4mm, dimple jacket 1.5mm, cladding 2mm
Finish, Ra≤0.6, 2B finish inside, #4 finish outside cladding
Bottom mounted mixer and rake reducer, brand SEW or Nord
Steam, 2bar working pressure.

Malt Handling System

Malt handling system includes malt silo, mill and conveyor.
SKE malt handling system has flexible and stable design. We can design and manufacture the handling system to the client’s requirements.

Mashing System

SKE mash mixer is designed with a conical head, cylindrical tun and conical bottom.
All seams are welded under a protection-gas atmosphere; inside properly ground.
The heating efficiency is 1 Degree Celsius per minute.
Bottom mounted SEW, Nord or Chinese top-quality reducer.

Lautering System

SKE lautering system is designed with conical head, cylindrical tun and flat bottom, all welding seams welded under a protection-gas atmosphere; inside properly ground.

3” thickness of mineral wool insulation can reduce heat loss perfectly.
Bottom mounted SEW or Nord reducers operate rake system to rotary, up & down.

Boiling Kettle

Clarified wort from the mash separation system is collected in a wort Copper for boiling.The purpose of wort boiling is to stabilize the wort composition and to extract the desirable compounds from hops that gives beer its characteristic aroma and flavor.Boiling also removes some of the undesirable volatile compounds which come from the raw materials.


SKE whirlpool is designed with conical head, cylindrical tun and sloping flat bottom.All welding seams welded under a protection-gas atmosphere; inside properly ground. It is a circular vessel.The wort is introduced tangentially.A tangential inlet of around 20 degrees with a high inlet velocity generally performs satisfactorily.

Hard Piping System

The system includes several centrifugal sanitary pumps for hot water and cold water.For mashing, lautering, kettle and whirlpool.The number of pumps depend on the brewhouse model.The system includes stainless steel piping, fitting, manual and automatic valves, hot/cold water and steam.

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