SKE Equipment

SKE-KW-Ⅱ is an efficient, easy to use, vertical stainless steel keg washer for nano and microbreweries. It is an automatic operation washer, brewer just need to load the kegs on table, the rest operation will be done by program.


Do not need manual connection, new automatic connector locks the keg spear tightly.

With individually two-station operated cleaning. Every cleaning cycle includes high and low cleaning throght pulse valve which allows an efficient way to clean keg stem thoroughly.

The parameters are

  • Material, Stainless Steel 304
  • Dimension, 1320mm x 760mm x 1640mm
  • Weight, Approx 200kg
  • Capacity,Approx 30~40kegs/Hour
  • Total Power, 8Kw for electronic heating model , 2.2Kw for steam heating model
  • Heating Method, Steam or Electronic
  • Tanks Info, Two 70L Stainless Steel Rectangular tanks
  • Pumps, Two Centrifuge Cleaning Pumps
  • Valves Style, Automatic Valves (Pneumatic & Solenoid)
  • Keg Type , 10~60L Euro/US Standard
  • Spear, Customize
  • PLC , Siemens
  • Certification, CE/UL/CUL
SKE-KW-Ⅱ | Nano & Microbrewery Keg Washer
SKE-KW-Ⅱ | Nano & Microbrewery Keg Washer

The requirement for installation

  • There must be electricity source, water source, air source, steam source, CO2 and nice drain condition.
  • Set the machine on the working place.
  • adjust footing screw to make it balanced.
  • The connector from left to right is Hot water, Sterile steam/ Clean water(RO water),C02, Sterile air.


Pressure regulation method and notice item for pressure regulation valve.


Pressure Table | SKE-KW-Ⅱ


SKE-KW-Ⅱ | Plan A cleaning process with steam
SKE-KW-Ⅱ | Plan B cleaning process with sanitizer