SKE Equipment

Keg Washer & Filler Machine | SKE-KW-Ⅲ
SKE-KW-Ⅲ is an twice station Keg Washer & Filler Machine with fully automatic control system. Energy-saving, high efficiency and wide performance range are key features of it.


The kegs are manually loaded, double button start, KW-Ⅲ will do the best. KW-Ⅲ has become most widely used Keg Washer & Filler Machine due to flexible setting, simple maintenance, convenient operation.

The Parameters Are

  • 7” color touch screen operator control interface
  • PLC operation control
  • Double-start button
  • Keg postioning
  • Dedicated Caustic & Sanitizer tank
  • 6 kw low watt density immersion heater element
  • Temperature probe & level switch
  • Heavy-duty 2 stainless steel pumps
  • Digital pressure gauge
  • Tuning fork level switch
  • Multiple keg sizes
  • Micro Matic keg couplers with optional spear type
  • Low flow pulse valve for precise keg stem cleaning
Keg Washer & Filler Machine | Sanitizer tank
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