SKE Equipment

Yeast Brink

Yeast Brink are usually used for yeast storing, pitching and transporting yeast between batches

Harvesting and re-pitching yeast is a common practice in most breweries, and it will save cost significantly compare with purchasing new yeast.

The yeast brink are often modified from keg and it could store yeast under pressure,sanitary and  preserving it until it can be used to make more beer.

SKE Yeast Brink is fully aseptic and easy to clean and maintain, available from size 20L to 50L.


  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • 30psiWorking Pressure
  • 4” Top Neck Opening
  • CIP SprayBall
  • CO2 Inlet Arm with Pressure Valve, Sanitary Pressure Gauge, Ball Valve, 0.5”NPT/BSP
  • 5” Yeast Inlet/Outlet
  • Wheels on Legs
  • Manual Mixer/Stir (Optional )


To ensure optimum quality, brewers recommend thoroughly sanitizing the yeast brink and parts between every batch. Usually, depending on the volume of yeast, it is advisable to run off the first few gallons of yeast slurry that first flocculated to the bottom. This yeast is the least vital and would not be ideal for re-pitching. The number of generations that may be re-pitched is dependent on the strain, but over reusing may result in mutations that may eventually change the desired fermentation characteristics of the yeast strain.

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