SKE Equipment

 IBC tank or IBC Tote as a necessary tool for modern storage and transportation of liquid products like beer, kombucha, wiskey, water , CIP liquids, waste water or many other product, it is widely used in distilleries, brewery, beverage industry.


SKE IBC Tank, IBC Tote apply high quality SUS304 or SUS316L, to make sure quality and longer serving life


  • Stackable and Saving Space.

  • IBC tank could protect the stored material from external impact, pressure, temperature, direct sunlight or other injuries.

  • Tilted bottom design avoids residue inside the tank and completely discharges the stored materials.

  • Can be cleaned at high temperature and high pressure to maintain cleanliness for long time use.

  • Stainless steel products are durable and can be used repeatedly.

  • The product is corrosion resistant and can be recycled to protect the environment.

IBC Tote ,IBC tank can be designed and manufactured according to the characteristics of the stored material

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