SKE Equipment

The design concept of SKE lautering is to get better filtering effect by thinking wort flow details in every step, eg underletting, filling, re-circulation, first worts run off, 2nd worts run off, last worts run off, weak works, drain down, spent grain removal, CIP, under plate flush

SKE Lautering System

SKE lautering system is designed with conical head, cylindrical tun and flat bottom, all welding seams welded under a gas atmosphere; inside properly ground.

3” thickness of mineral wool insulation can reduce heat loss perfectly.

Bottom mounted SEW or Nord reducers operate rake system to rotary, up & down.

Scraper can be up & down automatically via compressed air cylinder mounted on rake arm.

Advantages to use SKE Lautering system

  • Fully automatic
  • For better lautering efficiency (We discuss and finalize best bed loading with the brewer which is important for lautering)
  • Draw Off Density and Header Design
  • Saving lautering time
  • Protect grain bed good situation and anti-Collapse
  • Easy to clean

Rake System

The design and finish of rake system is a very important part in lautering tun.

  • SKE rake system is bottom mounted with two SEW/Nord reducers, one works for rake rotary and one for up & down.
  • Rakes should zigzag to help avoid channeling.
  • Rake shoes wide low pitch design.
  • According by differential pressure (DP) value monitored by pressure sensors which is mounted on lauter, the program will automatically stop running.
  • Meanwhile, it will remind the brewer to start rake rotary as a very slow tip speed to rebuild the grain bed.
  • SKE lautering system is mounted with a wort grant which has a level sensor on top, this design can adjust run off speed automatically.
  • It also has a mechanical design for double protection of grain bed to avoid pumping too fast to suck down grain bed.
  • For fully automatic spent grain discharging, a bottom spent grain door is made and mounted with a driver to open and close the door automatically.

False Bottom Design with Back Flush Device

SKE false bottom is made with 5mm stainless steel.

We also calculate a very effective height between the false bottom and vessel bottom to have a best underletting volume.

SKE false bottom 

  • Good underletting volume.
  • Higher net open ratio to have a bigger filtering area.
  • Strong structure and evenly distributed legs can make sure long-term using without deformation.
  • Wedge wire slots design makes sure gaps do not form through long-term wear.
  • The plates are made in sections so they can be cleaned easily.
  • Specially designed and fabricated back flush devices which can CIP false bottom automatically without lifting out.

Fly sparging Device and Vorlauf

SKE fly sparging device is made with stainless steel tube and is mounted with three sprayers to ensure even converge.

SKE Vorlauf has moderate flow which can clear bed quickly without creating excess DP (differential pressure) in grain bed.

Instruments Mounted on vessel

  • Flow meter
  • Tank light
  • IFM temperature sensors
  • IFM level sensor
  • IFM Pressure Sensors
  • Burkert automatic valves
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