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SKE Malt Handling System

Malt handling system includes malt silo, mill and conveyor. SKE malt handling system has flexible and stable design.  We can design and manufacture the handling system to the client’s requirements. 


SKE Mill is available in a two or four roller design.Constructed from 304 stainless steel makes it robust and easy to adjust.The mill can be welded with a big hopper on top and covered with a rodent screen.It’s fitted with a stainless-steel work deck and ladder for ease of operation.We place an emergency stop button on the side to protect the brewer’s safety and malt quality.

SKE Conveyor system

SKE Conveyor system can be designed horizontally, vertically or from 0-90 degrees. This helps with limited space.

It can flexibly enter and exit through any pipe port to achieve fast and smooth conveying.

Tubular Chain conveyor adopts all stainless steel SUS304 food-grade sanitary design, equipped with polymer disc, conveying passive wheel and super durable stainless-steel cable.

With the food-grade organic glass tube you can observe the product conveying at any time.

The food-grade disc device facilitates the movement of the chain from the back of the system to the delivery side of the product.

Advantages of the SKE Conveyor

  • Save space.
  • Closed conveying, no dust leaking, environmentally friendly.
  • Low power consumption, reduce the processing cost.
  • Conveying tubes have no dead zone and a self-cleaning function.
  • Long working life.
SKE Conveyor system | SKE Equipment
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