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Kombucha Fermenter is where sweet tea fermented and flavors profile and bubbles produced, accroding to the degree of fizzy needed, it can be divided into kombucha fermenter and finishing tank.

Kombucha Fermentation Tank

 It is where the natural fermentation process take place and the SCOBY/SCOBAY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria & Yeast) is introduced to. Primary fermentation start and last 1 to 3 weeks. The SCOBY work to creating delicious kombucha flavor profile during this period.

SKE kombucha fermenter adopts large diameter and top open design, guarantees the contact surface of SCOBY and atmosphere is large enough, so that SCOBY have adequate oxygen to utilize in the fermentation period to reduce working time, at the same time to avoid alcohol produced. Single wall keep the kombucha liquids have the same temperature as ambient, as well as help brewers reduce the cost burden.

Flavorings such as fruit flavors or spice flavors, will be mixed in during the secondary fermentation stage.
Forced carbonation means injected and dissolved extra food grade carbon dioxide into kombucha to make the kombucha have more fizzy taste, the finishing tank is made to be a pressure tank with cooling jacket and PU-foam insulation, high pressure(1-2bar) and low temp(around 5℃) helps short the time.

SKE Kombucha Fermentation Tank

• Top Manway (where you can add the fruit juice and spice in)
• CIP Spray Ball (help reduce cleaning work and improve cleaning efficiency)
• Pressure Vacuum Relief Valve (protect tank from pressure over limitation)
• Sample Valve (checking fermentation and carbonation level)
• Thermowell for Temperature Gauge/Sensor
• One Level Gauge
• Cooling Jacket Sections (where the chiller unit supply cooling medium and cooling down the kombucha for better carbonation efficiency)
• PU-Foam Insulation
• Vertical Orientation
• Material, 304 Stainless Steel
• Inside Finish, 2B
• Outside Finish, #4
• Picked and Passivated Surface and Seam
• Internal & Exterior Welds, Grounded and Polished to #4

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