SKE Equipment

SKE mash mixer is designed with a conical head, cylindrical tun and conical bottom. All seams are welded under a gas atmosphere; inside properly ground. The heating efficiency is 1 Degree Celsius per minute. Bottom mounted SEW, Nord or Chinese top-quality reducer.

Advantages to Use
SKE Mashing System

  • High extraction efficiency.
  • Saved mashing time.
  • Better lautering time and efficiency.
  • Easy to clean.

Pre-Mixing Device( Hydrator)

SKE Pre-mixing device is designed to have grain and mixing water drop into mash mixer/mash tun as an idea water grist ratio.

The pre – mixing operation will reduce the mixing requirement for stirring from agitator to save energy.

Bottom Stirring

SKE has been improving the design of our mixers to have a better stirring function and a better extraction efficiency from mashing.

SKE mixer has a very good mash stirring function via a very slow rotary speed, the gentle mixing will keep milled gain a good structure for an ideal grain bed situation in lauter tun.

All welding seams on mixer are ground polished, it is no dead angle, easy to clean by CIP spray ball.

Instruments Mounted on vessel

– Flow meter

– Tank light

– IFM temperature sensors

– IFM level sensor

– Burkert automatic valves

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