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Wine Tanks

SKE manufacture sanitary stainless steel tanks and processing equipment for the wine industry

Enclosed Wine Fermenter

SKE manufacture a closed top, fully jacketed stainless steel wine fermenter, to make their red wine, as well as white wine. Someone call this tank a closed top fermenter, or enclosed fermenter.

This wine tank is much like other sealed vessels, with one major difference – the stainless steel tank is wrapped with a thick layer of polyurethane foam.

Polyurethane foam is one of the best choices of insulation material, especially when dealing with fluids. It offers great thermal insulation, is resistant to moisture and water and has a low density, making it lighter.

The dimpled jacket makes sure the temperature inside the insulated tank is always optimal. Thanks to the vertical construction of the cooling jacket, the stored liquids will be efficiently chilled even if the tank is not full to the brim.

Combined with the PU foam layer, the insulated tank jacket makes your temperature control system even more efficient and cost-effective.

Variable Capacity Tank

Open top wine fermenter is always the first choice to ferment Pinot Noir thanks to its easy cap management. It is important to handle the skins gently from the top. Temperature is another key factor to consider. During setting and aging process, a floating lid is applied to make the open top fermenter a closed tank. Conventionally, such tank is names a variable capacity tank, or a floating lid tank.

Designed for processing red wine, the SKE variable capacity tank comes standard with a sloped bottom and a big square door. It is intended for professional use.

Durable, high-quality materials enable the variable capacity tank to stay in pristine condition, even after years of professional usage.

Thanks to the dimple construction of the cooling jacket, the stored liquids will be efficiently chilled even if the tank is not full to the brim.

Sloped Bottom Open Top Win Fermenter

Why an open top wine fermenter for wine making? The most important reason is that it allows easier cap management and it helps better manage the fermentation temperature. It does not trap heat and gas.

Tapered Fermenter

The tapered conical wine fermenter is a stainless steel tank designed for the production of red wines. It will appeal to those who prefer doing Punch-down manually rather than automatically. Using some additional equipment, it can additionally be adapted for maceration, fermentation and clarification of white wines.

The conical wine fermenter keeps its temperature very well, thanks to the thermally-inert tapered shape. The conical shape also makes punching the pomace cap down easier. This particular stainless steel wine tank comes with a large manhole on the center of its head that provides quick and comfortable access for the punch-down process.

The superior quality and craftsmanship of our wine fermentation tanks and stainless steel fermenters is unsurpassed. Whether you’re looking for variable capacity, conical bottom, flat bottom, jacketed, fermenting tanks, or more, SKE has what you need to produce wine that will be appreciated for generations.

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