SKE Equipment

Premium Beer Fermenter Tanks for Brewing Success

People in SKE focus on

  • Top quality and beautiful finish
  • Safety for brewer, beer and equipment
  • Reliable and smart operation_ Automatic valves and inserted
  • program avoid Mis or unnecessary operation caused by people.
  • Best pipeline design and finish for best product flow and easy to clean.
  • Less and easy maintenance and long term service life
  • Energy recovery
  • Protect your investment

Fermentation Vessel

SKE offers widely used Beer Fermentation Tanks, e.g., “Yorkshire square”  for wild sour, top open fermenter, Cylindroconical tank (CCT) and Outdoor cylindro-conical vessels.

Brite Beer Tank

SKE offers Bright beer tanks in many designs, vertical style, horizontal style or stacked BBTs. All welding is done under protection-gas atmosphere.The interior and exterior finishes are polished, and cooling jackets complete to the highest standard.

Yeast Technology

Beer Yeast is a wonderful microbe which converts sweet wort into an enjoyable alcoholic beverage, and a good yeast management guaranties continuous beer quality.

The demand for good brew yeast can be summarized in the following words:  a non-stressed, highly vital and viable yeast that is free from infecting organisms.

SKE Yeast Management Technology is designed to provide you with a consistently safe and reliable facility.That in turn ensures the quality of beer yeast during regeneration, dosing, collection and storage.

We offer a flexible range of equipment to meet those needs.

  • Yeast propagation tanks
  • Yeast propagation systems
  • Yeast brink.
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