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CIP Cart is small scale cleaning equipment which is portable, easy and convenient to use. It is usually used for cleaning the interior surfaces of pipes, vessels and associated fittings. CIP cart is widely used in food, diary, beer, beverage, pharmacy industries.

CIP Cart Advantage

  • The CIP cart is suitable for cleaning all kinds of food and beverage equipment.
  • The CIP cart can recapture chemicals to recycle for multiple uses, cutting down on costs and the environmental impact of your company
  • These tanks heat and maintain solution temperature, a real plus that enables the brewer to know the chemicals are within their operational range.
  • CIP Cart with multiple reservoirs allow for pre-filling and pre-heating during the CIP process.  Multiple reservoirs also allow for multiple solution types, creating the best cleaning scenarios. Because less production time is lost when using a CIP, more time can be spent in production.
  • Repeatable, reliable cleaning leads to sustainable product consistency and quality.
  • The CIP Cart, of course mobile. They are an ideal solution for remotely located equipment.

SKE CIP Cart Features

  • SKE CIP Cart allows CIP solution to be circulated between the aimed tank and the CIP tank. Which will saves the end-user working time significantly.
  • Vortex prevention device is included in SKE CIP Cart tank, It could avoid the formation of vortex when the CIP pump is running, which avoid the pump air cavitation .It protects the pump and improves cleaning efficiency.
  • SKE CIP design could avoid CIP solution-splashing during CIP solution CIP recovery /return process .It protect operator during CIP cleaning process.

SKE CIP Cart Spec

  • Standard 50, 100, and 200L caustic tank & sanitizer tank. Custom sizes available for any size tank – just ask us!
  • Innovative in-line heater maintains caustic temp to set temperature
  • A separate sanitizer line prevents cross-contamination between the sanitizer and caustic fluid
  • Directional valves for recirculating and transferring to the target tanks.
  • The heating element is protected for the safety of you, as well as the equipment.
  • Digital temperature controller
  • Variable speed pump (VFD brand Danfoss, Invertek, ABB, etc.)
  • Inline liquid sensor & temperature probe assembly prevents dry-firing of heating elements
  • AS/CE/CUL/UL Certification
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