SKE Equipment



We know brewing process & technology in every country and we are familiar with your standard, what we offer can be your best option.


What We Do

Brewing & Distilling technology and Innovation

Simple & reliable operation

SKE design & manufacture brewing systems as your minds and we OEM fabricate stainless steel vessels and process plants.

— From 2hl nanobrewery to 100hl microbrewery,

— From 1hl stainless steel tank to 500hl pressure vessels

— From malt handling to package line

— From brewery, kombucha, cold brew to beverage

Turn Key Brewery

SKE knows what it takes to produce a quality product.

Be it design or fabrication, our team has the expertise and knowledge to meet all your brewing demands.

Small microbrewers to large scale projects, we provide brewing solutions that are cost effective, flexible, customizable and efficient.

From Tun to Table, we can help.

Craft Beverage Plant

We customize design and build kombucha brewery, cold brew coffee facility
and CBD facility.
With these know-how capability of craft beverage, SKE could provide full
guidance to realize your idea/concept and make it become true.

Package System

SKE supply very quality packing line for turn key projects including keg line, keg washer, keg filler, etc

The packaging line is fully automatic control with SIEMENS control panel.

Process Equipment

Whether you want to set up, expand, or are preparing to improve the quality of your facility. SKE can offer the solutions and equipment.

The processing equipment we offer is CIP System, Hops Extraction Device, Flash Pasteurization system, etc

Service & Support

When you partner with SKE, you choose quality and reliability.

SKE will offer 24/7 technical support.

And a lifetime life service support.

Pre-sales Service

SKE project managers have a engineering and brewing knowledge so they know what you want and need.

No matter the Issue or problem, our team can help.

Post-sales Service

SKE offer a one year warranty for our equipment and will offer whole life engineering support for what we worked.

We archive all engineering documents, so if there is any issue, we can help you remotely.

We built it, we can fix it.

Project Control

SKE persist in Project Management Concept. Each project are managed by one
individual project team which is supervised and coordianted by one project manager
who is fully responsible for the project.
Each Project Team includes: Project Manager(Person In Charge) , Mechancial Engineer
,Programming Engineers & Electrical Engineer ,Workshop Manager , QA/QC
Engineer , Logistic Manager.
Following project management principle, SKE could assure each project could be well

Work with Us

SKE not only has 10 years of engineering experience, but the brewing knowledge and expertise also. Our team of fully skilled craftsman know what is needed and understand the work and care it takes to create a quality product.

We embody the spirit of hard work and dedication, striving for the best is what we proud of.

Like you, all of us here at SKE have a passion for brewing.

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