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Food and Beverage Tank

SKE food and beverage processing tanks / systems are made with high quality stainless steel and manufactured by our specialist team of engineers and fabricators depend on different industry & working conditions.

Beravage Tank

Why choose stainless steel?

The material is corrosion resistant which means it can withstand all types of liquid contents and maintain a bacteria-free environment. It’s durable, easy to clean and cost-efficient as it’s cheaper on average than other materials.

Most important is it has wide-range for working on food / beverage and other industries like alcohol, soups, dairy products, condiments water for mixing, blending, fermentation, storage saturating,separating and other steps. We custom manufacture all our tanks to suit your engineered specifications. Then we have a rigorous quality control testing to ensure our product meets and exceeds your expectations.

Beverage fermentation & storage tanks

Quality & Flexibility, SKE cider tanks allow you to ferment and carbonate your cider all in one tank. Specialized ASME / PED / AS1210 high pressure vessels that are designed to suit your beverage cider fermentation process. Up to 250BBL for shipping, The racking arm lets you draw off the yeast, so you can continue to age in the same tank.
Highly-efficient jacketed heat transfer allows for cold-crashing and temperature control. And the safety box is checked with a pressure relief valve.

Beverage Blending & mixing tanks

The blending/mixing tank is used to stir, mix, blend, dilute and homogenize materials. The stainless steel mixing tank can be standardized and humanized in design and configuration according to the requirements of the production process.

The stirring structure

The stirring structure / design is no doubt the key for the blending performance is good enough,The purpose of agitators can be for mixing liquids, solids, slurries, pastes, mixing liquids and gases, mixing solids and gases, promote chemical reactions, promote heat transfer, etc. Agitators are used in a variety of industrial processes such as for carrying out a chemical reaction, for mixing operations, for filtration, for drying, for heat exchange, etc. The agitators are able to cater to such wide variety of applications because there are a variety of impellers which come in different shapes and sizes. Like:- Turbine / Paddle / Anchor / Propeller / Helical etc. Reach out to us for optimize your solutions

Customized beverage process tanks

Our specialist figure out the solutions for any your required working situation, Including but not limited to:-

 CIP & Steam sterilization solutions
 Stirring & mixing type
 Loading cell for dosing / confecting
 Aeration / Stripping & carbonation / Degasification
 Extraction / Dilution
 Saturation & Dispensation
 SS304 / SS304L / SS316 / SS316L
 Brushed / 2B / Mirror finish / Colourbond
 Cone / Dished / Flat structure
 Heating / Cooling rate
 Tailored dimensions / footprint & 3D render

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