SKE Equipment

Expert Craft Brewery Setup Solutions

We design and build breweries to meet the highest demands with a focus on flexibility, cost-effectiveness and efficiency – and without compromising on beer quality. From the brewhouse to the finished beer, we offer everything you need for success.

Brewhaus Senior

SKE Senior Brewhaus is specially designed for multi brew per day which is normally works for mid size craft brewery. She can finish 4 to 10 batches per day smoothly, the common size of brewhouse is from 15hl to 100hl.

Flexibility, stability, security, intelligence, easy to maintainace, easy to exchange spare parts and easy to operate are the basically concepts when we design and fabricate Senior brewhaus. Top quality is our always first, which causes long using period by one investment. Plus perfect design concept and automation fully and multi functions using, our design can reduce your investment.

Brewhaus Pro

SKE Brewhaus Pro is specially designed for brewpub, nanobrewery, small size brewery and pilot brew. It can finish two brews per day smoothly.

The design philosophy of SKE Brewhaus Pro are

  • Little space using
  • No Installation work for customer
  • Security for brewer, beer and equipment self
  • Easy operation and clean
  • Caustic brew to sterilize system easily
  • Reliable

Beer Fermentation & Storage System

SKE designs all CCVs & Brite Beer Tanks to ASME standards and provide PED, AS1210 certifications. This ensures that custom fermentation vessels meet all international and governmental standards.

Yeast Technology

The demand for good brew yeast can be summarized in the following words:  a non-stressed, highly vital and viable yeast that is free from infecting organisms.

SKE Yeast Management Technology is designed to provide you with a consistently safe and reliable facility.That in turn ensures the quality of beer yeast during regeneration, dosing, collection and storage.

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