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SKE Acquired A new factory

Recently, SKE successfully acquired Yuanlong factory on the 6th Nov 2023. This acquisition will greatly increase SKE’s fabrication capability to meet growing demands from clients all over the world.

SKE (Ningbo Shih Kuang Engineering Equipment Limited) was founded in year 2000 and is one of the earliest companies in China to produce and manufacture craft beer equipment .

SKE business and products cover:

  • Craft Brewery & Beverage set up.
  • Turn key projects for mid-size and large size brewery from 20hl to 500hl
  • Cellar tanks from 2hl to 500hl
  • Distillery Equipment
  • Process Equipment
  • Cleaning & Filling Machine
  • CIP Station
  • OEM stainless steel tanks with wide range using

The acquired factory was once part of Yuanlong, it is complete with full production line that includes material cutting to assembly. With two workshops covering more than 10,000 sqms, it is capable of handling large orders.

The factory has over 40 skilled workers that have more than 15 years experience in brewing & beverage tank manufacturing. The workshop has a strict management system for quality assurance during the manufacturing process, which meets with SKE’s conception and company values.

The former factory owner who is nominated as production director after acquisition, said “We have reason to believe it is wise and the right move to join SKE group. We would like to follow a company which has strong leadership, good company culture, innovative development strategy and good company values. We thrive to work together with SKE’s brilliant designing & PM team closely, to provide better products and services”

Ray, the general manager of SKE, said “ It is an milestone and big step for SKE acquiring the new factory. We are very excited to have new members join in SKE, I believe we’ll have more bright possibilities.

Openness and Mutual-Benefit are SKE’s company vision and values.

We wish to pursue and develop together with our staff and clients.

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